Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the last few months, our nation has had to come to grips with what is now a pandemic. The response has varied from panic and hoarding to wishing it would go away. Neither of these extremes is an option. The question is not one of “if” the virus comes to Kearney, but “when” it comes to Kearney. The science is also clear that this virus is very contagious and for some, will be deadly.

In light of the latest guidance from the CDC that everyone avoid gatherings of 50 or more people and the dismissal of the Kearney Public Schools, we feel we must also make some changes to address this issue. This is not being done out of fear but as a means of enhancing the containment of the virus. We would rather be part of the solution than find we are part of the problem. We are therefore making the following changes:

  • We are canceling Awana Club for the remainder of the school year. More than half of our leaders are UNK students and the college has dismissed classes on campus for the remainder of the semester. This would make it all but impossible to have Awana Club and our attendance far exceeds the limit of 50 people.
  • We are encouraging everyone to view the worship service on Facebook Live. We will have a small team of people leading the worship service for broadcast at the church. The Facebook page can be found at
  • We recognize that many within our ministry will be enduring times of hardship through the coming weeks due to job cuts, lack of child care and the loss of school meal programs. For this reason, we will be making food bags available through our food pantry for those in need. If you are in need of food assistance, the office will be open weekdays from 1 to 5 daily. If you are able to contribute, we would also welcome your food donations.
  • We will also be actively looking for ways to stay connected with each other and will communicate both through the Facebook page mentioned above and the church website at

It is our desire to fight both the effects of the virus and the panic that so easily surrounds it through prayer for each other and the encouragement and support we are able to provide even during these extreme conditions.